Thursday, 22 October 2009

the wizard's hat

This was done for the wizard's hat a few months back, I think that this issue was going to be the last of the wizard's hat so this was in the last issue provided it was released.

Basically, because this was a collaboration between the wizard's hat and TOY, the theme was to create imagery in the vein of activity book illustrations. Ranging from mazes to simply colouring in, so as long as it had an interactive element to the illustration, it would be featured in the issue.

With this in mind I produced the image above in the realms of a join the dots activity. It wasn't that difficult to do either, its just a case of seeing the process of creating such an image. Initially, I was going to create a join the dot two-step animation image. there was only one place where I had seen this done and that was an old simpsons sticker album dated around 1991. the album had a mixture of activities included in the back and also a pair of modified 3d glasses used to make the simpsons drawings move in two steps. it was like a mono viewer where you would slide the red filter and then the green filter to cancel out the red/green ink on the page to give the illusion of movement, and it was at the back that this album had a join the dot version of bart using a hairdryer to be done an was something that has suck in my mind as being the only version that I have seen using this type of join the dots.

Ultimately, this fell through due to the wizard's hat requirement was greyscale rather than colour, though I am planning on doing something like this in the future just to see how it turns out.

I've made the image above a bit bigger so I think if anyone wants to try it out can but if not below is what it looks like with the dots joined.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

creatures weird and wonderful

Hi all, this one was done for the 'UNICEF Happiness this way' which can be found here.
I'm thinking these would look great as a wooden toy sort of like the pull along ones on wheels. its something I'd like to see about looking into at some point and this includes making vinyl toys. Hopefully at some point in the future.

Going back to this one I think if I was going to make a toy out of the above it would be wooden to add to the retro-ness of the image. Would be great to create something where the end result is an actual object and that includes the packaging.

The question is were to start though.