Friday, 10 December 2010

Push Cycles print & printing party

Push cycles who have just celebrated their first year, decided to mark the occasion by creating the PUSH Art Club in which the first run of five prints from five different illustrators/artists are on sale right now. Each print is a limited edition of 30 and cost £30.

But you'll have to wait until the second or third run until you can get your hands on this:

But what about the Printing Party I hear you say... well tomorrow (that is Saturday) Push Cycles will be holding a special event where you can print from a selection of four 1 colour designs onto tees by your very own hand (i think) so you could be walking away with this 1 colour wonder on a tee:

Be the envy of everyone and be there at Push Cycles
based at 35c Newington Green N169PR London for a chance to walk away with this guy on your chest.

illostribute: A tribute to Earl Oliver Hurst

illostribute has just put up its 4th tribute post, this time paying tribute to Earl Oliver Hurst and his stunning body of work.

Above is my tribute piece to Hurst which, while looking for the potential candidate to base the tribute on. This one caught my eye with the subject matter being placed further away rather than the up close and personal subjects that feature in most of hurst's work.

This post has some really great tributes created by the likes of Ben Newman, Curt Melo, Cesar Barcelo, Gabriel Corbera and of course, illostribute's founder Toby Than Neighbors.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

BusinessWeek Christmas Characters

Looks like its safe to post about this commission now that i've seen it on their website. These festive characters were created for BusinessWeek US magazine to be in a feature about business books which you can basically wing it and get away scot free without reading a single page.

The brief was to design 8-9 characters at the christmas office party interacting with each other but also made independently so that the layout guy can play about with where to position them in the feature. There were also some props such as holly and mistletoe to be designed as well, which was to be used to decorate the page.

These guys didn't take long to create which was a good thing considering that i was only given a few days from rough to finals, but it was all in good fun.

here's a few more images focusing on individual characters.

More of this project can be seen on my flickr account.