Saturday, 29 September 2007

Tattooed Lady


If you have recently visited illustration mundo, then you might of seen this as my thumbnail. This image is basically a bit of fun made up of of cut paper, felt tip pens, a mixture of drawings and found objects as the tattoos. the glasses are actually my glasses that I wore when i was five, you know the ones, not like today where there is a wide selection. but in a time when you were only given the bad ugly geeky pair in the choice of two colours Brown or light Brown.

Bad Album covers - Count Your Blessings


As well as showing my own work, I also wanted to include in this blog things that inspire me to produce the images that i do. I have basically been hunting down what most would consider tasteless album covers, (although i haven't collected any more at this point.) The cover above is actually one of the few album covers that I have found. While rummaging through the LP section in the local charity shop, I discovered this gem. A religious LP performed by Willie Sutherland (who ever he is, hopefully not the gummy guy with the glasses) featuring songs such as 'who is at my door is standing' and 'it is no secret'. coming from two dodgy looking guys standing in front of a toddler. Still, this cover is so bad that its good, maybe I should actually listen to this to see if it is as bad as the cover... on second thoughts, I think i'll pass.



This image was done in response to an Article in which a study was carried out on intern medical students on whether they play video games or not. This study revealed that the interns who played video games showed a higher level of accuracy while also cutting down on surgical times compared to the non-gaming interns.

penguin design your own book cover


The folks at Penguin have come up with what i consider a great idea. They have decided to release a selection of books from their classic range allowing anyone to design their own cover. I was actually quite drawn to the book design as they are quite similar to the original Jan Tschichold design in that they use one colour to differentiate each title although the front cover is completely blank except for the penguin logo. The image above is my cover design for the George Orwell book 'Animal Farm' created from bits of paper and rolls of paint. This promotion is generally open to anyone and i assume that penguin will print out selected covers to conclude this event. if you want to find out more visit