Wednesday, 19 January 2011

owl laser cut for NB studio

This laser-cut was done for NB studio's This Year 2011 promo.

A set of limited edition laser-cuts, based loosely around what will happen this year, in this case, the cuts in 2011 will us sharper.

these limited edition cuts were laser-cut on 10" x 8" 350gsm Colorplan.

i initially came up with the concept while playing around with a pair of fold up scissors, after i started doing roughs of birds with the scissors acting as their facial features, even experimented with different types of scissors and how they could relate to a species of bird.

In the end, the fold away scissors offered the most flexibility in how they could be manipulated into various different forms which lead me to create the owl after working around the scissors.

here's the original vector of this owl before being burnt onto paper