Sunday, 25 April 2010

Alas, our planes were no match for their mighty dust

I created this one earlier this week which was first seen on my flickr account, so that nobody misses out on seeing some of my work, i'm trickling it down the road of blogging and so on. Eventually appearing on a revamp of my own website at some point.

Anyway, this piece was made in response to the news late last week and early this week of all flights from the UK and other parts of Europe being cancelled over the volcanic ash descending from an erupted icelandic volcano named Eyjafjallajokull (bit of a mouthful, well to me anyway). The ban has now been lifted since then but has caused a large backlog of flights to and from the UK.

I created this piece with a mixture of paint, cut-paper while the up-side-down planes were all drawn with a posca pen.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Between the Time when the Oceans Drank Atlantis

When I was starting to create this one the debate was whether to make the character in the he-man universe or in Conan's. I think there's a lot of He-man based pieces floating and I'm sure I heard of an exhibition based on interpretations of the He-man universe so i thought I'd give the love to Conan instead. I admit that i'm not one for fantasy, its just that i wanted to create something in that setting for a change.

Friday, 9 April 2010

It Belongs in a Museum

Another one, this time in super wide-screen and also brought to you in glorious Technocolor.

As A kid I loved the Indiana Jones movies and still do (except the recent one which should of had a better storyline and created around about the time of the original trilogy.) This is not only referencing the indy films but also the old adventure reels which influenced the trilogy as well as the trademark outfit which was combined long before indy adorned that fedora.

I've made the image resolution a bit bigger to help show off some of the textures/details in this piece so everyone can see what went into this piece.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

The Adventures of Link

Here's something that has taken a couple of days to finish to the piece that you see before you. It's made up of a lot of textures, paint marks, you name it, it's in there. I have to say my favourite parts are the bats with their mono-eyes and blue ears.

I'm kind of Fantasising here but I think these bats would make a great vinyl toy with wings which can be put into any pose, so that you could rap the wings around the body and so on. For the packaging I would have them hanging upside down for the fun of it (and to confuse the folks stacking them, ha ha).

Does anyone know or can give any advice on trying to get a vinyl toy made or anything about getting involved in the designer toy industry?