Friday, 26 June 2009

Zine A by Tor Press

Zine A is the first in a series of zines by Tor Press, each zine will focus on one individual letter of the alphabet where artists/ illustrators/ designers create imagery around the letter stated for the zine.

Zine A features imagery created by the 23 selected artists/ illustrators/ designers (including myself) around the theme of the letter A.

Contributers include:

Stuart Kolakovic
Jake Blanchard
Bjorn Rune Lie
Ornamental Conifer
Matthew Green
Sophie Kern
Lizzy Stewart
Tom Fewings
Edward Mcgowan
Seiko Kato
Rachel Lattimore
Partly Civil
Wizards Hat
James Lunn
Richard Clarke
Nicholas Saunders
Scott Balmer
Gemma Correll
Eleanor Grosch
Holly Wales
David Callow
Bob London
Marcus Oakley

Zine A is now available to buy from the Tor Press online shop.

For anyone that wants to visit the Tor Press website can find it here.

Monday, 1 June 2009

FFF brand spanking new site

Hi there, FromFiftyFive has just removed the covers from its newly designed website today. For those who don't know FFF is a design / creative / inspiration blog which showcases a mixture of creative content from around the world. FFF is not just another design blog though as it also allows through its interactive elements storage and exchange of ideas while also getting creatives together encouraging collaboration and then some.

Through the TOY label, Me and the other members of TOY were asked to design the image header at the top of the site, the idea was that FFF would invite folk to design the header which would then change now and then. And TOY was selected as the first to design the header. My design is up first and will then be followed by the other members of TOY.

All the headers are linked to the creator's site so in this case this will take you to the portfolio on the TOY website.