Sunday, 24 April 2011

the taming of the namazu

illostribute: a tribute to David Klein

Here's my contribute to the latest illostribute tribute.

This time its the fantastic works of David Klein.

I was really drawn in to the wealth of expressive and varied travel posters that Klein had produced in his lifetime. I was debating on whether to recreate the rome one which focused more on buildings or the greece one which all the mythos captured so colourfully.

well i ended up doing the image above. had a really good time trying to capture the essence of Klein's piece.

Some work from Hylozoism exhibition

The Hylozoism show is coming to an end (ends this week on the 27th so there's still time to see the works of both Jake Blanchard and myself) so here are a few pieces which appeared in the show.

Monday, 11 April 2011

inkygoodness character totem

done this piece above to make up for not being able to paint on the actual totems that inkgoodness were sending off to the Pictoplasma exhibition currently being held in Berlin.

anyway, had fun playing about with this one though.