Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Digital Artist Magazine

About a month ago i was contacted on doing a short tutorial on making simple stylised clouds, since this would be my very first time of actually making a tutorial it seemed like something i could not pass on.

The illo above was the end result in where I wanted the clouds to act in a more magical/mythical kind of setting. Basically it was just me having fun.

This tutorial and more is in the latest issue of digital artist magazine available to buy now at your local newsagent or other places (including newsstand). 


I've had this idea in my head of a few days now and have only gotten around to actually making it. Its a personal editorial piece which i've kind of based around the discarding of information and how someone lurking in the shadows could use it.
I think it was loosely based around a few security articles i had read recently, one of which was about previous owner's info that was found on their old Hard Drives they were selling, and about the awareness that this info could fall into the wrong hands.