Tuesday, 21 April 2009

marvin's magical squeeze box

Hi all, still got a lot of things to do and still got to get the finger out and do some minor updates to the site such as adding new work. I've also created a flickr account though haven't added anything yet so once there are images up there i'll make a post and also create a link in the side menu.

the maps haven't been printed yet due to printing problems but they should be out soon so no post on the images just yet. I'm guessing that early may will be when they are released into the wild for all to see.

i'll keep you posted on things going on and to get this blog back to having regular posts.

Monday, 6 April 2009

I'm not dead yet...

...just been super busy with things.

I was going to put up some roughs and images that were created to be used for two travel maps for London though because I honour the fact that the client should at least be the first to unleash these images to the world, i can't put anything up until the printers have got their fingers out of their asses and printed the maps ready for them to go into the wild.

above is another commission, this time for the new NYT blog called 'The Choice' where i was tasked with designing the logo. The blog, along with the writer appeared on 'The Today show' in a short interview where there was a few screen shots of the blog and of the logo. which was nice.

for anyone interested. here is the link to the interview.

as for other things, still a lot to do and so little time.