Monday, 3 December 2007

monkeys (sort of)

not much to say really, their big n hairy, their faces are made up of numbers and they like bananas.

board Games: Buckeroo

ok, i was hoping to have the series finished off at six (still might) but its just finding the right game which would translate well into an illustration. i was working on one piece that would have been the final in the series though i decided to alter it into something completely different. this image above is a take on buckeroo, my brother actually had this though i might be wrong but the version that i remember didn't have that much detail on the horse. in fact i think there was hardly any, unlike the version circulating today.

Monday, 26 November 2007

masked dog

just a quick post to finish off, here is another image that some might find strange. though i have finished one more image for the board game series. i am not going to post it until the other image is finished. i think i might end the series at six board games though this depends on whether i can think of other board games that would be interesting to illustrate. 

anyway, should post the remainder of that series mid-week.

Promo mini-posters

Hi to everyone out there reading this blog, in this post I have decided put up images of my promotional mini-poster/s which will be included with the new sample mailers that have been sent out. There are five colours in total, though i have only posted a few just to give you an idea of how it looks on other coloured papers. These were made as just an extra to go within the samples and other things that i am currently sending out to clients.

Sunday, 18 November 2007

more board games

here are two more illos created in the theme of board games, this ones the classic pop up pirate. I loved this game when i was four or five and kind of still like the simplicity of it today. there doesn't seem to be any new games out there that can stand the test of time like the ones i've illustrated.

and finally, here is mouse trap. i have always liked the overall funky contraption built just to catch the mouse in this game. there have also been a number of blatant ripoffs of this game the most resent being the ratatouille board game.

anyway, still got a few more board games to do for this series (one being buckaroo)
so i should have these posted by next week.

icey breath

seems to be that i update this blog on a sort of weekly basis so today i am going to post two entries. for this image i have decided to also show you a close up just to see some of the details that might have been lost while reducing for this blog. i am also showing the original drawing which i altered to the finish piece above.

here is a slightly close-up of the image as i feel that some of the patterns and fine lines are kinda lost when outing them for the web. (in some cases)

And here is the original drawing of the boy. 

Saturday, 10 November 2007

board games

just a quick post to show you lot some of the illustrations that i have been doing recently. I have decided to create a series of images based on some old board games. the one above is if you haven't figured it out (shame on you) operation. ah the game in which trying to prod crap out of someone with a pair of tweezers. of course the best way to win a this game was not to have batteries in it which defeats the whole point of the game but you've got to cheat now and then.

Here is another one, this time its mr. pop. the game which pits you against the timer to stick crap on the head to create a face.

there still more work to post as well as images that i will be creating so keep an eye out for more.

Friday, 2 November 2007

King Hippo

here is another game related image, i guess its down to me now owning a nintendo wii. anyone who has played either the original punchout!! or the rare mike tyson's punchout!! will know who king hippo is. Out of all the fighters in that game, he is probably the most memorable in that he is the only fighter which can only be won with a single ko.

I still have a lot to post in here. though the trial for the blogging program i was using has just expired, (which i will have to get as i prefer it to using blogger's own tools) so i would of posted earlier but since that app had my blogger details and that i rarely loged in on blogger's site., caused me to go in a guessing game on what password etc. i used for this blog.

anyway, i might post something tomorrow.

Monday, 22 October 2007

bubble blowing


just a quick post, hopefully the patterns are clear to see. i have seen some blogs where images can be clicked on, linking to a bigger image file though i haven't been blogging that long but i guess i'll figure it out at some point.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Mexican Skull Postcard Design


It's kind of weird that my new postcard design features another mexican theme. Although i guess its mostly because i like mexico and the many traditions such as the day of the dead, especially the bright and vibrant use of colour on all their festive objects. It would be great if there was something like this in the Uk (barring Halloween) where you can decorate a skull just like decorating an egg at easter. personally i'd go with painting on a skull than an egg since there is more of a canvas be creative on. Anyway, back to the post, this is part of what i will be sending to art directors in the next few weeks/month but there is also something else that i am sending, though i will not post it up here until i have sent off my samples pack, just to add an element of surprise if there is an art director who might be reading this (hopefully someone is looking at this blog).

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Sumo Wrestlers


Here is one new image to show you, this time round, i have decided to make this piece more figurative (as I have not abandoned my more figurative drawing style) but rather adding an element from the more graphic work. i basically started off with with the yellow shape and illustrated around this simple circle, i am actually quite pleased with the final outcome of this image that i have decided to make this into a series of works, so keep an eye on this blog for more soon. i will be posting more of my work soon as i have quite a few images to show.

as a side note, i will be redesigning my website which will feature my new work as well as some of the work currently on there. although i don't know when the new site will be finished as its just pie in the sky right now.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Donkey Kong


This image was created by cutting up paper to produce the elements of this piece. Again the background is rolled paint, i could of produced a very subtile hand rolled gradient which would have a nice texture on it but i do not have the facilities to produce this right now. I might see about starting some print making again as when I was in Art School i was considered a good print maker by my peers, especially in the Lino printing department. I have also entered this image in creative match's 'Flair Illustration'. If you want to see my image there, here is the link

creative match entry

Saturday, 29 September 2007

Tattooed Lady


If you have recently visited illustration mundo, then you might of seen this as my thumbnail. This image is basically a bit of fun made up of of cut paper, felt tip pens, a mixture of drawings and found objects as the tattoos. the glasses are actually my glasses that I wore when i was five, you know the ones, not like today where there is a wide selection. but in a time when you were only given the bad ugly geeky pair in the choice of two colours Brown or light Brown.

Bad Album covers - Count Your Blessings


As well as showing my own work, I also wanted to include in this blog things that inspire me to produce the images that i do. I have basically been hunting down what most would consider tasteless album covers, (although i haven't collected any more at this point.) The cover above is actually one of the few album covers that I have found. While rummaging through the LP section in the local charity shop, I discovered this gem. A religious LP performed by Willie Sutherland (who ever he is, hopefully not the gummy guy with the glasses) featuring songs such as 'who is at my door is standing' and 'it is no secret'. coming from two dodgy looking guys standing in front of a toddler. Still, this cover is so bad that its good, maybe I should actually listen to this to see if it is as bad as the cover... on second thoughts, I think i'll pass.



This image was done in response to an Article in which a study was carried out on intern medical students on whether they play video games or not. This study revealed that the interns who played video games showed a higher level of accuracy while also cutting down on surgical times compared to the non-gaming interns.

penguin design your own book cover


The folks at Penguin have come up with what i consider a great idea. They have decided to release a selection of books from their classic range allowing anyone to design their own cover. I was actually quite drawn to the book design as they are quite similar to the original Jan Tschichold design in that they use one colour to differentiate each title although the front cover is completely blank except for the penguin logo. The image above is my cover design for the George Orwell book 'Animal Farm' created from bits of paper and rolls of paint. This promotion is generally open to anyone and i assume that penguin will print out selected covers to conclude this event. if you want to find out more visit