Friday, 10 December 2010

Push Cycles print & printing party

Push cycles who have just celebrated their first year, decided to mark the occasion by creating the PUSH Art Club in which the first run of five prints from five different illustrators/artists are on sale right now. Each print is a limited edition of 30 and cost £30.

But you'll have to wait until the second or third run until you can get your hands on this:

But what about the Printing Party I hear you say... well tomorrow (that is Saturday) Push Cycles will be holding a special event where you can print from a selection of four 1 colour designs onto tees by your very own hand (i think) so you could be walking away with this 1 colour wonder on a tee:

Be the envy of everyone and be there at Push Cycles
based at 35c Newington Green N169PR London for a chance to walk away with this guy on your chest.

illostribute: A tribute to Earl Oliver Hurst

illostribute has just put up its 4th tribute post, this time paying tribute to Earl Oliver Hurst and his stunning body of work.

Above is my tribute piece to Hurst which, while looking for the potential candidate to base the tribute on. This one caught my eye with the subject matter being placed further away rather than the up close and personal subjects that feature in most of hurst's work.

This post has some really great tributes created by the likes of Ben Newman, Curt Melo, Cesar Barcelo, Gabriel Corbera and of course, illostribute's founder Toby Than Neighbors.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

BusinessWeek Christmas Characters

Looks like its safe to post about this commission now that i've seen it on their website. These festive characters were created for BusinessWeek US magazine to be in a feature about business books which you can basically wing it and get away scot free without reading a single page.

The brief was to design 8-9 characters at the christmas office party interacting with each other but also made independently so that the layout guy can play about with where to position them in the feature. There were also some props such as holly and mistletoe to be designed as well, which was to be used to decorate the page.

These guys didn't take long to create which was a good thing considering that i was only given a few days from rough to finals, but it was all in good fun.

here's a few more images focusing on individual characters.

More of this project can be seen on my flickr account.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Computer Arts 2011 Calendar

Another bit of news and another calendar featuring one of my illustrations.

This time, its for Computer Arts 2011 Calendar which comes with the December issue and is out now.

Play Calendar

It feels that this was done an eon ago, it was around about june that I was contacted to see if I would be interested in doing an illustration for the Play! calendar which was being produced by the folks at Eiga Design in Germany.

After the piece above was done, all i knew as that the calendar would be released later in the year. Time passed and i Had forgotten about this until that email pinged in my inbox showing links to the finished product.

the calendar/book is a really nice piece of work lovingly put together and is well worth a look.

I've only got 2 links on where to order this. (one from and another outlet) if you are interested:

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Joe 90

inspired by the opening credits of Gerry Anderson's classic Joe 90.

This is my take on the fancy machinery that gives joe his amazing intellect to diffuse bombs and such.

man, i wish they still did shows like this, would be great to work on.

the intro to the show can be found on youtube here.

creative storm

Sunday, 31 October 2010

feels like we're being watched

its kind of halloweeny, i guess

the making of the happy journey collective piece

As promised, here's roughly a stage by stage making of the piece for the happy journey collective. I'm doing this just to give an insight into some of the processes I go through while creating my work.

first off is the idea generating stage.

I basically draw something like little thumbnails (either contained or open) where I'm not really interested on the quality of the drawing but on the initial idea as a whole. Also how compositionally sound the structure of the piece would be.

Early on, before even putting pencil to paper I usually have a few ideas that I think would work with the brief given. Sometimes I just grab any piece of paper and draw all over it so that I have a record of what I was thinking when it popped into my head at the time, just like above which was drawn on the back of a print out which was close to hand. The reason that I do this is that its quicker to generate as much ideas as possible without being hung up on things such as style and detail, its just the idea at its purest form and its also a quick way of seeing if it would be worth going down that direction for the final.

Usually after doing these thumbnails roughs, I select the ones which have potential and then develop them further into more structured roughs that would sent be off to clients. Because this was more of a personal project and I knew what I was after, I just moved on to drawing the parts for the final.

So here I started just drawing the character above since I knew on what I wanted the style of the piece to represent. I decided to create the packaging and other objects on the fly while I worked on doing the line work in illustrator with the use of my wacom tablet.

after working on the line work and creating the set pieces such as the packaging, the piece looked like this.

I was going to put in some type with things like 'karate chop action' and 'eagle-eye sight' but decided against that as I wanted the backing card to recede into the background rather than fighting with what was meant to be in the foreground.

Its just a matter of selecting the right colours to compliment the piece. I always have an idea of what colours I want to use, I usually go by the rule on 'what does the colour think should come next' it just basically means that I start off with one colour and then judging by how another colour sits with the initial one in a complimentary sort of way and then build up from there. I also add a limit to the amount of colour used as this adds to the complimentary aspects. the colour selection was used to recede part of the image like the backing card as well as to pull the figure and the plastic coffin shell into the foreground.

resulting into the final piece.

This might not be as in depth but it shows the basic stages that i go through in the creation of my work. I was thinking i might do one of those stage by stage videos where the image builds up at some point in the future, but we'll see.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Happy Journey Collective

i created this for the Happy journey collective, its a bit geeky in places such as the D&D type dice which i admit i've never played any form of D&D, i just like the look of the different types of dice.

But i do admit that i wouldn't mind a power glove and i've always wanted to include one into one of my illustrations.

The power glove only plays a small part in this one though so i'm planning on doing another piece where it would be one of the main features, we'll see.

as another note i am planning on doing a 'making of' post of this piece which i'll put up at the weekend, just to give a bit of insight into the process of making this one.

for those who do not know about the happy journey collective, its a collective project in which artists/designers from around the world design their own ideal coffins as the ultimate sendoff. it's a fun project where the only limit is your imagination.

illostribute: Norman Saunders tribute

here's my tribute illustration for illostribute based on the works of pulp fiction cover artist Norman Saunders.

This post and more can be seen over at

Saturday, 9 October 2010

the ministry of elborate hair-dos

Another piece finished recently. this one is also available as a print on society6:

pencil breath

here's a weird creation that i've done recently, a nice and unusual character design of a walking mouth with a pencil for a tongue. I was thinking about adding ears into the mix but decided not to since its already a very simple and clean design.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

intruder alert!!

haven't made one of these in this style for a while, its a shame that the colours seem a bit less saturated rather than what they should be. I've also added some close-ups below to help give an idea of the details in this piece.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

the big daddy

haven't added much to this blog in over a week so to make up for it, here are a few pieces that i have done recently.

the piece above is available t buy as a print at society6:

creative process

a simple design of a hand coming out of a sharpener.

the major's marvellous majestic automobile

and finally (for now) my last post of a cosmic car which was influenced by the old school tin toys of the past.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

from the far reaches of outer-space

here's something new for all to see, with everything set in a space type setting this time. the name isn't really as psychedelic as the artwork but sometimes naming work can be the hardest part.

i've added close-up images to show the details that might be lost by reducing for the screen such as the cubic pattern in the background and the linage of some of the features of the piece.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

poop in the woods now available in the society6 shop

the poop in the woods print has made it into the society6 shop and is available to buy in three different sizes and also in stretched canvas form.

below is the direct link to the print:

Saturday, 14 August 2010


Here's a piece that was recently finished for Love creative. The brief was to play about with the love logo/type that was given so i went all technocolor on this one. Creating this playful image as the end result.

Personally, i always like briefs where the only limit is your imagination. Really, really good fun.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Colonel Buzzard and his Marvellous Dream Machine

A new piece which was finished today. Exploring the marvels of modern victorian engineering.

Some folk might of noticed today that the header for the blog has changed to the one above, I thought it was about time I put up something new to freshen the place up a bit.

And once google allows custom backgrounds in their new-fangled template editor then I'll maybe see about a nice background image to compliment the blog.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Monday, 12 July 2010

Dr. Beaks and his Mystic Sitar

here's the first one created for Colonel Windpipe and his Musical Brigade. which can be found here.

there is also a flickr group as well.

set up by uberkraaft and Lesley Barnes, colonel Windpipe invites creatives to help build up the members of his magical merry band in the form of a collaborative print/project.

8 pillow designs now available to buy at envelop

envelop is a place where designers can put their work on a range of textiles from aprons to oven gloves and for my first addition to the envelop store, i have designed 8 pillow covers that are available right now. here's a direct link to my section in the store.

edit: i've fixed the link to my section of the envelop store, sorry for any inconvenience this may of caused.

here are some close-ups of the designs featured on the pillows:

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

automobiles in a jam

Hi all,

After creating the planes piece (alas, our planes were no match for their mighty dust) I have decided to make this into a series of work titled 'planes, trains & automobiles' so here is the new automobiles one that i finished working on yesterday.

only got to work on the trains one now and possibly a combination of a three with maybe one with some ships thrown in for good measure.

but, there's one more thing...

and that is you can now buy this print from society6, here's my store page . This one is only available for just now but there will be more illustrations added over the next few weeks.

but thats not it, you can also get this image as an ipod/iphone skin or even a laptop skin.

And once I have altered some pieces, there will be more merchandise in different forms to come!

Once its all been set up i'll let you know.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

the mis-adventures of ernie space-face

This one was sitting waiting to be finished for about a week in a very early form of just the large space like cranium and an orange triangle representing the body. I think the gap for finishing this guy off was due to me changing what situation I wanted him to be in.

In the beginning, I wanted him to be holding his head as if he was a bit angsty because he has space for a face. He's still a bit in this one but its changed to more of a school classroom type of setting. He's more in the teenage age bracket in the phase of spots, broken voices and the rest that goes with it.

I was going to add a caption such as 'in the test of despair' or something like that where he's trying to get out of sitting a test by pretending to be ill. But then I'd have to make it into some form of a graphic novel (which is something i might do.) but we'll see.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

creativity bubble

just playing about with paints, shapes and stuff to come up with the image above.

Friday, 21 May 2010

The First Batch of icons

For the first batch, I have made some shapes with paint to create these simple but eye-ctching icons which are now available to download from today.

Both screens show the 12 icons for all versions of mac osx (snow leopard pictured above) and also different flavours of windows (windows 7 pictured below.)