Thursday, 9 July 2009

more from Zine A

Above is my copy of zine A from Jake Blanchard through the outfit named Tor Press. I thought that since I have received my copy that I would show my contribution to the zine. I always think its better to wait until the publication is out before putting anything up since the exclusiveness should really fall on the the client, event or group rather than putting it up before its even out in the wild.

below shows my contribution to Zine A (the image on the right) along beside Jake's nice african tribal piece.

This image was created by using nothing by triangles, it may look a bit different from what I usually do but I don't see it that way as I work with shapes, all of my pieces are about how one shape relates to another while also considering the negative space around said shapes. I like to think of it as putting together a jigsaw puzzle where parts have to feel right and relate to one another within the space.

here is a closer look at the image I contributed to the zine.

One more thing, there exists another image similar to the one above which will be appearing as a screen print and should be available through the Tor Press website in the not too distant future. So until that time, I'll show it to the world when its been green lighted but I will say that it is another animal in the form of a water based one.

Another thing is that I'm also planning on making a series of these animal type images and possibly something in the form of prints but we'll see.