Thursday, 26 May 2011

mass in motion

this started like as an idea for a client that wasn't picked but i thought i'd take it further.

there's a few more from that commission which i am gong to take further.

but anyway, this piece has been make into a print and is going to be auctioned in Edinburgh for a good cause.

more can be found out on the Aartvark blog on when the auction is, should be a fun night.

pumps proto 88

here's something fun which was done for Art & Sole.

The TOY posse had to create their favourite pair of Sneakers. I went with the reebok pump as i wanted something that had a bit of a novelty to it. After some more searching, i based this piece on the proto pumps which featured a dial instead which looked more interesting to me anyway.

then i got carried away and made a swamp thing monster wearing them.

more can be seen on the art & sole blog

it also got a good write up on CR