Friday, 8 February 2008

caustic cereal

hello one and all, work has been on and off this past few weeks which has unfortunately side tracked the design of the new website. though i have been quite busy such as the commission that i had done for  Time Out Magazine London and also other things which is more on the promotional slant, But I am aiming to get back on track with the site and have it live soon.

I have been recently making my own takes cereal boxes after John K featured on his blog about the design that tony the tiger had, the post mostly focused on an old animated advert though, he did mention about the packaging designs, seeing the 50s box designs of tony with his soft edges and subtle colour decisions compared to the more humanoid form of today. to me the 50's design stands out more with the shapes, colours and eye catching design, this version would be easily identifiable from a distance rather than the bland design of the new box which is now lost a sea of similar bland cereal packaging. See for yourself, next time your in a supermarket, look at how jaded the designs are compared to the older more designed packaging from the past. 

I am going to continue making a series of images in the style of cereal boxes which i might make into a book in the future.