Tuesday, 24 December 2013

WIN one of my Heroic Instruments Posters with Things To Do in LA

Things To Do in LA are giving away 3 of my Heroic Instruments posters from Fangamer in a nice little competition over this festive season.

So how do I get my hands on those marvellous posters? all you need to do is make a zelda themed wrapping paper and send it over to the email address below:

conteststtdila (at) gmail.com

with the subject being

Legend of Zelda wrapping paper

 include your full name, age and address

but hurry cause the deadline is the 30th of December so get scribbling away on the amazing and fantastical quest that Hyrule has to offer.

another thing to note is that this comp is only open to residents in the US.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Feathers Show opens its doors this week

Here's something fun and light hearted for those who used to draw (or still do) Dinosaurs large and small, winged or fanged and the simple or the more exotic looking creatures.

The show features 24 Artists/Illustrators/Designers invited to relive their childhood in creating a piece in homage to the majestic beasts that once roamed this earth.

featuring Andrew Lyons | Dennis de Groot | Elliot Alfredius | Essy May | Guillaume Singelin | Hanna K. | Jake Parker | Jake Pauls | Jon Burgerman | Hobson Chant | Kim Demåne | 
Lennard Schuurmans | Laszlito Kovacs | Marta Antoniak | Olle Forsslöf | Patrick Crotty |
Rachel Walker |  Saša Ostoja | Scott Listfield | Stay Nice | Steve Kim | Yehteh |
You Byun  and myself as well.

The Exhibition is being held at the Gallery 33 in Amsterdam and starts this friday the 25th of October and runs until the 6th of January.

So if you are in, near or going to Amsterdam in that timeline then its worth taking a trip down memory lane and marvelling at the Artwork put on show which should be one great show not to miss.

More can be found about both the show and the Artists through the gallery 33 teaser page:

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Not For Rental show VHS cover illustration

Here's my contribution to the Not For Rental show which was held at Gallery 71A in London.
A movie inspired show where the artwork was shown in the old school VHS cases to recreate that feeling of going into an old video rental shop.
the trick though was that you couldn't mention the movie on the front or the side as to give that sense of discovery while perusing the shelfs.
I based mine on the old classic Total Recall after spending so much time debating on which film to represent.

For the Love of Waves

I made this piece for an M & C Saatchi project they were doing with the charity Surfers Against Sewage in which they wanted a poster designed based around the wording 'for the love of waves'.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

inkygoodness Beermat Character

Seems like this was done ages ago but what you see above is a lino print that i had made for inkygoodness' beermat character exhibition which was held in London not too long ago.

The general idea involved here was to produce the work onto a beermat which did have some challenges due to its scale.

But because of this using a more hands on approach seemed to be the best COA and so when with a combination of using paint, a lino print and some posca pens for added effect.

Great fun and its got me thinking about maybe doing some more hands on type of work to mix things up a bit.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Doc Louis

Here's good old Doc Louis of Punchout!! fame which I made to celebrate the Famicom's 30th anniversary.


Made this piece for this months silver Screen Society's How did this get Made celebrating their two year anniversary.

Silver Screen Society

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

I'd Buy that for a Dollar!

Near enough forgot to put up the pixel art of the I'd buy that for a dollar guy with added nes goodness at the bottom.

Majestic Landscape

Make this for fun.

Worldwide Challenge

These two images were made for Worldwide Challenge Magazine, these were based on some very short stories involving certain situations above.

Alternate Ending Piece - Well Give the Man a Hand!

Been meaning to put this piece up that i had done for the Silver Screen Society's Alternate Ending show at the Bottleneck Gallery in NYC.

Anyway here's my take on an alternate ending for Robocop while instead of trying to kill each other, Clarence decides to throw Robo a surprise party at the old steel mill instead.

Initially the plan was to make this all in the form of pixel art kind of like aping the arcade game released at the time but this changed after finishing the "I'd buy that for a Dollar' guy as it would take some time to make and that i'm still a bit new to the pixel art scene.

Personally I think that going in the direction above has actually worked better with its light hearted and playful nature.