Saturday, 4 August 2012

Zelda items wallpaper and more.

Anyone who follows me on twitter may of seen the bit of spring cleaning with a new avatar and background based on the piece above.

(update March 2017) it's been over a year since these wallpapers were removed from my website, seems like it was not that long ago when I made this piece back in 2012 which gave it a run of about 4 years of being available to adorn numerous desktop and smart phone screens as a nice background.

I'm glad that there were people who enjoyed using these wallpapers as their desktop/phone backgrounds and I appreciate that. 

Though these wallpapers are never coming back, mostly due to their age but also (and largely) due to the people who thought it was a good idea to steal my work and sell it on whatever product they thought would make a quick buck.

 All in all, it had a good run and if you are still using my wallpaper as your desktop/phone background I hope you still enjoy it.