Tuesday, 25 August 2009

have you seen this person

Here's a bit of fun. I started out drawing each strand of hair then accompanied the drawing with cut out shapes to make this mock missing poster with hand painted type thrown in for good measure. the mouth part was cut out of some old scraps of a screenprint which ended up making this buck tooth look.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

the league of inter-dimensional gentlemen

hello one and all, any one who popped over to this blog later on yesterday might of witnessed the new blog header adorning this site now. I felt its time to put the last one to rest since it was created during the minor refresh when my actual site still had its grey background. in the new one I decided to downplay the 'scott balmer illustration' part to something that can be seen but doesn't overpower the piece, I was also considering leaving the text out altogether but felt it was better to have some reference on who's blog it is.

Anyway, since finishing off the piece for the Wizard's Hat issue i've been playing with using linear forms with a mixture of geometric shapes to make interesting comps and thus 'the league of inter-dimensional gentlemen' was born. I seem to like giving things long names maybe for my next piece i'll devise a name that will be the longest subject title in blogger but we'll see.

As for the wizard's hat and a few other commissions, i'll post something (including roughs) about these once they have been featured in their intended publications before revealing anything about them.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

all toasters, toast toast apparently

Hey all, been busy working on commissions along other projects and still am but thought it might be better to put something new up on the blog for all to see.

The image above was going to be used as a new set of promotional postcards focusing mostly on different forms of hand generated type for something a bit different. If you're wondering why using text such as 'all toasters, toast toast' then you obviously haven't witnessed the abomination that is Hotel Mario on the philips cdi. the game, much like the cdi zelda games are so bad that they're good. Both feature fully animated scenes but the dialogue in all three games are just plain stupid. Don't believe me, search for zelda cdi and hotel mario in youtube to see what i mean.

Anyway, this gem of a quote stuck in my mind as it was fantastically a stupid scene (from Hotel Mario) with a stupid quote but also brilliant in itself. This image uses a photograph of an actual piece of toast (got weird looks for taken a picture of toast but hey you get away with doing weird things in this business.) with hand painted type and some simple shapes to finish it off.

The one below is also done in a similar way but with a potato instead. This time the quote is from one of the zelda cdi games in which the king seems interested more in dinner than saving some far off land.

There are other gems (ganon seems quite daft with his grrrrrrrreatest pronunciations, he also says die a lot) I might make a few more based on these quotes.