Monday, 25 August 2008

The Enigma Machine

Hi all, here is a new image that i have just finished which was inspired by the old 'Game & Watch' lcd games made by nintendo in the 80's.

I actually had a couple of the game & watch games in the past and have always the simple and very basic method of movement from these types of games, i guess that is the main reason way the the characters always had more animated stances to help give the illusion of movement.

Because of the 1 frame movement in these types of games nintendo actually came up with some clever parts of more complicated elements such as arms being used to move levers or other objects.  

I think that whatever type of work that you do, try adding a limiting factor to it, it could be anything such as working with only a few colours to making images without any lines, above all experiment and find a creative way to overcome the set limit, that is the only way to push the boundaries further.


seamouse said...

Nice work. And nice words on pushing your boundries too!

Lisa Evans said...

Love it!

Scott Balmer said...

hi all, thanks for the comments. i'm thinking about being more active on the comments side if more are left. so if anyone got a question or whatever it is just ask.