Monday, 16 November 2009

Unbreakable now available to buy at howies

The good folks at howies have now put this addition into their catalogue, my 'unbreakable' design now available to buy from howies stores and also through their online store here.

Now before anyone rushes off to buy one there is one catch, and that is its for kids only. So if you want your little 'uns to be the best decked out kids on the street or if you can squeeze into a smaller size knock yourself out. Maybe if this is popular, just maybe howies might print an adult version, who knows.

for anyone still reading this, this image was drawn with 100% posca pen in the blue verity then made white by means of alchemy.


Miss Eccentric said...

Hi, it's M.E. again. Just here to bug you again (you must admit, I am a consistent little bugger, right?). So, like I've said before...PLEASE CHECK OUT MY BLOGS, AND MAYBE FOLLOW ONE OR THE OTHER OR BOTH, I NEED MORE FOLLOWERS!!! Thank you!

Miss Eccentric said...


Miss Eccentric said...

Oh yeah, I should add: that design is totally cool, and if I could fit in it, I would definitely buy one.