Wednesday, 23 December 2009

be good

heres a little doodle just for christmas. why E.T? well he's usually on at some point either around christmas or easter.

So for everyone out there, have a great christmas and a happy new year.


jess smart smiley said...

LOL This is AWESOME! I love it!

crzylady said...

Lovely. I found you through MOO. and was intrigued since we share the same last name :)

Scott Balmer said...

Glad you both like it, was just a bit of fun just to get in the festive mood.

@ crzylady thats interesting that we both share the same last name. last year i was contacted about soing a piece from a guy who also shared the same last name which was a bit weird. At first I though it was a hoax because of this but it turned out to be the real deal.