Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Introducing the Mr. Wicker-Man news widget

Just a small piece of news which is as of today, an rss news widget is now available to download. So if you are using mac osx (starting from tiger and above) and want to catch news about me and my work then this widget is here to help.

Here is a direct link to download the widget.

Another small piece of news is for folks using iphones,ipod touches and ipads i guess. I've now created an icon that is used if a link is added to the home screen. it is a handy feature if you visit any site often though I think once iphone os 4 is out these links could be organised into folders which is great for the folks on the go who want direct links to their favorite sites and have them organised in this way without going through each and every section of the home screen.

here's a small pic of the icon on it's own.

that's it for now. Once I've experimented a bit more there might be some more goodies coming this way.

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