Saturday, 5 June 2010

the mis-adventures of ernie space-face

This one was sitting waiting to be finished for about a week in a very early form of just the large space like cranium and an orange triangle representing the body. I think the gap for finishing this guy off was due to me changing what situation I wanted him to be in.

In the beginning, I wanted him to be holding his head as if he was a bit angsty because he has space for a face. He's still a bit in this one but its changed to more of a school classroom type of setting. He's more in the teenage age bracket in the phase of spots, broken voices and the rest that goes with it.

I was going to add a caption such as 'in the test of despair' or something like that where he's trying to get out of sitting a test by pretending to be ill. But then I'd have to make it into some form of a graphic novel (which is something i might do.) but we'll see.


Pat Dorian said...

Nice! It would make a nice series of animations, teaching kids about space. Pondering the universe...

Scott Balmer said...

thanks for the nice comment Pat.

I think you are right, it would make a nice animation.

I think if this was done it would be quite retro in overall design. something like the dynamic backgrounds featured in the chuck jones era of WB looney tunes cartoons.

One thing I would do is to have the space constantly moving in eric's head, sort of like a lava lamp.

anyway, i could go on and on firing ideas about what might be done bit it is something to look into for the future.