Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Happy Journey Collective

i created this for the Happy journey collective, its a bit geeky in places such as the D&D type dice which i admit i've never played any form of D&D, i just like the look of the different types of dice.

But i do admit that i wouldn't mind a power glove and i've always wanted to include one into one of my illustrations.

The power glove only plays a small part in this one though so i'm planning on doing another piece where it would be one of the main features, we'll see.

as another note i am planning on doing a 'making of' post of this piece which i'll put up at the weekend, just to give a bit of insight into the process of making this one.

for those who do not know about the happy journey collective, its a collective project in which artists/designers from around the world design their own ideal coffins as the ultimate sendoff. it's a fun project where the only limit is your imagination.

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