Friday, 10 December 2010

illostribute: A tribute to Earl Oliver Hurst

illostribute has just put up its 4th tribute post, this time paying tribute to Earl Oliver Hurst and his stunning body of work.

Above is my tribute piece to Hurst which, while looking for the potential candidate to base the tribute on. This one caught my eye with the subject matter being placed further away rather than the up close and personal subjects that feature in most of hurst's work.

This post has some really great tributes created by the likes of Ben Newman, Curt Melo, Cesar Barcelo, Gabriel Corbera and of course, illostribute's founder Toby Than Neighbors.


Chenny said...

I love this illustration, it's very moody and the colours are gorgeous! A fine illostribute :P

Scott Balmer said...

thanks Cheeny,

this one was a lot of fun to make, quite a bit of experimenting and playing around with the structures.

i think when i was looking, this one stood out the most since the area of interest is pulled back rather than all the elements being in the foreground.

the boat was a bugger though! :)

SI said...

I love your work, and this piece is beautiful.

Scott Balmer said...

Thanks for stopping by SI and also thanks for the nice comment :)