Saturday, 19 February 2011

illostribute: a tribute to Al Hirschfeld

illotribute has now put up the 5th tribute post, this time based around the masterful pens strokes of Al Hirschfeld.

I have to admit this one was a bit awkward in the sense of working out how to combine the simplicity of the shapes with confident strokes. Should i go like Hirschfeld and do this completely in line form? Maybe a mixture of strokes and shapes? what about some colour or adding some texture? in the end it was mostly all of the above to create my tribute illustration way up there. Based on Hirschfeld's drawing of Clark Gable, i had so fun with this one since its been a while since i've done any form of caricature based drawing, though i think my version i need to make the head a bit fatter in places.

As always, there are some fantastic illustrations done by Steffi Schuetze, Sol Linero, Freddy Boo and also some new contributors have entered the fray including Jon Boam and Jonathan Edwards.

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