Sunday, 20 October 2013

Feathers Show opens its doors this week

Here's something fun and light hearted for those who used to draw (or still do) Dinosaurs large and small, winged or fanged and the simple or the more exotic looking creatures.

The show features 24 Artists/Illustrators/Designers invited to relive their childhood in creating a piece in homage to the majestic beasts that once roamed this earth.

featuring Andrew Lyons | Dennis de Groot | Elliot Alfredius | Essy May | Guillaume Singelin | Hanna K. | Jake Parker | Jake Pauls | Jon Burgerman | Hobson Chant | Kim Demåne | 
Lennard Schuurmans | Laszlito Kovacs | Marta Antoniak | Olle Forsslöf | Patrick Crotty |
Rachel Walker |  Saša Ostoja | Scott Listfield | Stay Nice | Steve Kim | Yehteh |
You Byun  and myself as well.

The Exhibition is being held at the Gallery 33 in Amsterdam and starts this friday the 25th of October and runs until the 6th of January.

So if you are in, near or going to Amsterdam in that timeline then its worth taking a trip down memory lane and marvelling at the Artwork put on show which should be one great show not to miss.

More can be found about both the show and the Artists through the gallery 33 teaser page:

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