Saturday, 20 October 2007

Mexican Skull Postcard Design


It's kind of weird that my new postcard design features another mexican theme. Although i guess its mostly because i like mexico and the many traditions such as the day of the dead, especially the bright and vibrant use of colour on all their festive objects. It would be great if there was something like this in the Uk (barring Halloween) where you can decorate a skull just like decorating an egg at easter. personally i'd go with painting on a skull than an egg since there is more of a canvas be creative on. Anyway, back to the post, this is part of what i will be sending to art directors in the next few weeks/month but there is also something else that i am sending, though i will not post it up here until i have sent off my samples pack, just to add an element of surprise if there is an art director who might be reading this (hopefully someone is looking at this blog).


Mônica said...

Hey dude! *i'm brazilian*
i loved yo illustration, and i love (too) the mexican culture... they're so cool XD
Ow, sorry if my english is a little suck, i'm still learnin' it.

Scott Balmer said...

For the person that posted a comment here before, I was of two minds whether to remove the comment or not, after all the comment was valid to what was said/shown on the blog.

Although the link in your name was questionable so this is the main reason why it was removed.

the aXel said...

Hello there! excellent illustration, I'm studying Graphic Design in Morelia MX and it's really nice to see products out there related to mexican culture :D

Ever thought about some t-shirts ;);) hehe...

well... keep up the good work! :D

Jake M said...

This is such a cool design! I'm trying to find some Mexican, Day of the Dead type designs to stick on my acoustic guitar. This is really helpful.