Thursday, 13 March 2008


hi all, I've posted a poster design above based on the theme 'luck'. though some might argue that this is more skill than luck, the fact remains that where there are winners and losers in any type of game there is always a degree of chance and luck regardless of what it involves.

I might enter this in the don't panic poster comp based on the same theme, though i was thinking that this would make a great promo postcard so i might get these made into my new postcards for this year.


lulu said...

your illustration are very very beautiful and your new website too! Can I post about you on my blog?

Scott Balmer said...

hi Lulu

thanks for the nice comment you left me, it is much appreciated.

I'm ok with you posting about me on your blog, just ask if you need anything.

I just noticed this comment late last night so hopefully you will see this message.