Friday, 4 April 2008

Caustic Skull Munch

Another one for the series, right from the beginning I knew that I was thinking about creating a cyclops for this design. I also had thought about the blurb mentioning what it was made of as well. 

Initially, in the roughs of the cyclops I had him with two horns at either end which looked quite angular and also had one that was not a complete horn as such. though i changed that after thinking back to the old sinbad the sailor movies in which one of them as i remembered featured a cyclops with one horn. I can't remember the marvel behind the special effects, though i do recall that his team were considered the best at that time, so in a homage to the sinbad cyclops, i gave him one horn which i think sits better in this overall design than it would if it was two horns. 

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