Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Islington Green Travel map

I've been quite busy of late, but have made up with the rare two posts on one day. I was planning to show the stages of going from the rough to the final like what other illustrator blogs do so i decided that the images done for the Islington green travel map would be a good start.

first off, i am only going to show two images from the set rather than document all, of course the new images  will be added to my website at a later date. 

just to begin on the brief, i was asked to produce four images that would be featured on the Islington green travel map involving alternative methods of travel rather than relying on the car. this brief had a very tight deadline which in turn only gave me roughly a day to produce four images of a certain complexity as these maps were going to be distributed during bike week. 

here is rough number 1, which is based on the theme of cycing

now my roughs are just that rough, i don't spend that much time drawing them as its more of a means of generating ideas and also showing the overall composition and how the objects interact with one another. this is the one that was selected off of the few that was sent.  

once approved, then its time to get creating, tidying up areas, generating and refining, to the final image below.

rough 2 is done in the same way though this one is  a theme on walking.

this one is more complex than the cycling one. to start with i had to convey walking in an urban environment without referencing any urban landscapes. this wasn't part of the brief but i wanted all the pieces to focus on the main parts of the illustration and not on the surroundings. I also think that giving characters whether its a more graphic or realistic design that they all have their own individual personalities, this not only enhances but makes it all more dynamic and generally more appealing.

the final of this one.

and finally, here are images of the actual map. first off the front and back.

and also the inside where the illustrations exist.

this map should be available now around London and is going to be in circulation for a year. so pick one up.


seamouse said...

Thanks for posting this. It'so good to see how other people work.

Scott Balmer said...

your welcome