Thursday, 24 July 2008

New Business Cards

Going on a promotional slant here with the introduction of my new business cards which will be part of the promotional material that I will be sending to potential clients. there are other things that are part of this samples pack which i am going to put up here once they're out of the door but for now, I thought it would be great to show these cards for now.

I bought these cards from the new service that are now offering, so now instead of just going for the mini cards, there is now the option of full blown business cards. Like the mini cards, you can have as many designs as you want on your cards (which is something that i like about so no more of just staying with one design on the set of business cards.

I like these kind of services that allow this as it gives you a bit more freedom than just aiming for one design to represent you.

Above all make it fun and playful. 


Meghan said...

these are very cool, like em a lot

seamouse said...

Those are stunning. I'll be making a stop at moo for sure.

Keep blowing my mind.

Erin Dollar said...

SO cool! Hope you don't mind that I featured your awesome new cards on my beardy blog!

Scott Balmer said...

I'm fine with you posting about the cards on your beardy blog, thanks for asking though.

I'm thinking at some point i might revisit this idea and create some completely new cards that doubles as stickers or something in that vein.