Wednesday, 8 October 2008

New Logo design

I can't believe that another month has past since my last post, wow, though i have been busy making images for the science council among other things. 

above is my new logo that i've just finished for myself. This is now sort of becoming a tradition with me in which i create a new logo for myself though i think this time this ones a keeper. 

in designing this logo, i wanted to show the soft playfulness of my work while also having a clean friendly design which gives the impression of being approachable, this is the reason why he's tilting his hat as a sort of acknowledgment or friendly gesture.

the lettering was done by  using a fairly thick paint brush and not really thinking about making the letters fancy looking, its quite simple, naive in some respects but it adds to the simple friendly design that i was after. 

i have been planning to change the main image on this blog to something different which could be soon depending on time (maybe this weekend not sure)

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Cassandra Marcole said...

You're right, Scott. Your blue logo with a hat is better than the golden one. It reminds me of typical cartoons in the 60s, when cool colors were used and geometric shapes were empasized. That gives your logo a calm and friendly personality. And the combination also makes it striking and artistic.

Cassandra Marcole