Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Promotional envelope print

hi all, above is a lino printed envelope which i am using to hold all of my promotional stuff that is being sent out to folk. 

This was hand printed (no presses used at all) using only the back end of a spoon to transfer the ink to  the envelope. It's one of the beauties of any form of block printing in that you can do more or less all processes at home.

I left a space  at the top to leave room for the stamp and the ink stamps that it will get through the postal service as the actual ink used in this lino print is oil based, any sort of stamp marks would be easily wiped off regardless of the amount of striping back of the ink on the print.

with the striping back of the ink has made the 'please do not bend' (which was already on the original envelope) pink. another advantage of striping back ink is that it gives the print a texture and also reduces drying times (though this is still more or less a day or so to dry).

For anyone interested here is the lino below:

i used to use lino like paper in my student days, you can see that this lino still has some pencil marks from some of the rough designs that were later shaped through the cutting. I'm thinking about doing some more prints though i'll need better facilities before i can show what i can really do in this medium. 


seamouse said...

Awesome idea! I love lino!

Scott Balmer said...

yeah i love lino too. i've got a big roll of the stuff just itching to be used.

i used to do loads at art school, i want to start doing some colour prints at some point since i haven't done one in ages.

if you are thinking about printing on an envelope, then i would suggest that you make a registration board as this will help make sure that it doesn't miss register.

if anyone is interested, i was thinking about putting up a post on how to construct a registration board (complete with photos) which can be used for things like this or for its main purpose of doing colour prints on register.