Tuesday, 6 October 2009

creatures weird and wonderful

Hi all, this one was done for the 'UNICEF Happiness this way' which can be found here.
I'm thinking these would look great as a wooden toy sort of like the pull along ones on wheels. its something I'd like to see about looking into at some point and this includes making vinyl toys. Hopefully at some point in the future.

Going back to this one I think if I was going to make a toy out of the above it would be wooden to add to the retro-ness of the image. Would be great to create something where the end result is an actual object and that includes the packaging.

The question is were to start though.


rui vitorino santos said...


Miss Eccentric said...

Your work is sweet. Also, I followed your blog a while ago, and I was hoping I could annoy you into checking mine out as well, because I need followers desperately. So PLEASE CHECK OUT MY BLOGS!!!

Scott Balmer said...

it seems that lately i like to play about with some optical trickery.

glad you like it