Thursday, 1 April 2010

The Adventures of Link

Here's something that has taken a couple of days to finish to the piece that you see before you. It's made up of a lot of textures, paint marks, you name it, it's in there. I have to say my favourite parts are the bats with their mono-eyes and blue ears.

I'm kind of Fantasising here but I think these bats would make a great vinyl toy with wings which can be put into any pose, so that you could rap the wings around the body and so on. For the packaging I would have them hanging upside down for the fun of it (and to confuse the folks stacking them, ha ha).

Does anyone know or can give any advice on trying to get a vinyl toy made or anything about getting involved in the designer toy industry?


Friederike said...

I don't know how to get started in the vinyl toy industry but I like this piece a lot.
The bats are really great, yet my favourite part of it is the expession on link's face :-)

Scott Balmer said...

Thanks Friederike,

getting into the vinyl toy industry is something i would like to get into, I think some of the designs i have done would work well as a three-diemnsional object. Its something to into at some point in the future.

Yeah i like the look of link's face as well, i wanted him to look uncertain from when i originally thought about creating this piece.