Sunday, 25 April 2010

Alas, our planes were no match for their mighty dust

I created this one earlier this week which was first seen on my flickr account, so that nobody misses out on seeing some of my work, i'm trickling it down the road of blogging and so on. Eventually appearing on a revamp of my own website at some point.

Anyway, this piece was made in response to the news late last week and early this week of all flights from the UK and other parts of Europe being cancelled over the volcanic ash descending from an erupted icelandic volcano named Eyjafjallajokull (bit of a mouthful, well to me anyway). The ban has now been lifted since then but has caused a large backlog of flights to and from the UK.

I created this piece with a mixture of paint, cut-paper while the up-side-down planes were all drawn with a posca pen.


genie espinosa said...

wow! i get here by coincidence! i think you art is awesome! i'll take an eye on you!

Scott Balmer said...

Thanks for dropping by,

and also thanks for the nice comment



seamouse said...

oh scott. This is too good. Its for these simple looking (yet oh so friggin hard to do) works that your website address sits in my 'get inspired' favorite folder.

Please keep it up.

Scott Balmer said...

Thanks seamouse,

i'll keep on truckin' :)