Thursday, 5 January 2012

Cagoule Magazine

Time seems to be whizzing by so here is a bit of a belated Happy New Year Message an a long overdue post for this blog just to say that things are fine.

Anyway, the two images above were done for the first ever issue of Cagoule Magazine who are responsible for its sister publication Anorak Magazine.

Cagoule magazine is more of an Anorak magazine aimed at adults but has the same level of design flair and content but for an older audience.

What i had to illustrate here was an article on a very brief history of the bra, but what made this a great and fun piece to work on was being unleashed to have as much creative freedom (within reason of course) to produce anything i felt was a perfect fit to the article.

I always try to keep some small parts in the unknown as it adds a certain thrill working out the problem in real time. I guess i'm addicted to having to think up things in a matter of seconds.

Cagoule should be available at your friendly neighbourhood creative book store or can be bought over at PresentJoy's online shop

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