Sunday, 12 February 2012

iPhone/iPad wallpapers now available from poogla

When I was thinking about what work to use as iPhone or iPad wallpapers for poolga and since I always like creating new things instead of sifting through pieces which could work as an iPhone wallpaper (besides, its better that the imagery is tailor made for the different formats rather than trying to find something that fits.) So both pieces where made with the iPad in mind while also considering the crop factor for the iPhone versions.

Since poolga were asking for the illustrations to at least have some sort of theme linking both works together, I had in the back of my mind of doing a fantasy/reality themed piece which just seemed the perfect match to base these wallpapers on. 

Conceptually, I wanted the figure to inherit the same stance while things like clothing, surroundings and the overall mood of the piece changes. its kind of like looking inside the character's head in that he sees himself as this battle scared warrior clutching his prized (and unusual) instrument when in reality he is some guy standing in broad daylight clutching a tablet.

talking about the wooden instrument, the idea there was to base on some form of mythical music device in looks but its more of an homage to the ocarina and funnily enough, on the reality side, there are actually quite a few ocarina apps so the tablet seemed to be a perfect fit.

Anyway both wallpapers are available for iPhone, iphone4 and iPad and can be downloaded from the poolga website.

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