Monday, 7 January 2008

a couple of new images & info on new website

two posts in one day. i feel i have to make up for not updating this blog for over a month. 

above are two pieces that are more graphic in style, and for anyone that is interested, these like my other graphic work is made up of paint, cut paper and other things such as pencil lines created by using the ruler to create diamonds? or stars? (or whatever you want to call 'em).

i also want to mention that i have been working on a new website which will include new work as well as most of the work on the site currently. this new website will be possibly easier to navigate while also being easy for me to update regularly. I don't know exactly when i will put this new site up but it will be soon once i have sorted out areas that need sorting and the odd tweak here and there.

i was also hoping to tell some more news but it hasn't been sorted out yet so once it does, both the news section on my site and this blog will be updated so keep an eye on this space.

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