Monday, 21 January 2008

you can now get cards & other stuff with my designs at

Just as it is stated above, some of my designs are now available on the good thing about moo is that you can select an image and use it for things like greeting cards, postcards, mini cards and even a stickers. i really like the options that moo offers to its customers and i will be adding some more designs and possibly a design pack such as cards with custom envelopes and so on. 

I will probably see about combining the stickers with something like postcards if that can be done. 

anyway, here is the link to my designs: 

one more thing, I have also entered a design for a t shirt on a website called how2 t shirts. This site is similar the general idea of threadless in that it uses the scoring system in the aid on selecting the best designs. how2 just like the name suggest revolves around themes that involve these words in them such as i have entered my design in the how to peel a banana section. 

its worth checking out and if all goes well i might just see about entering some designs on threadless.

again here is the link to my design and feel free to any sort of comment good or bad is up to you.

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