Monday, 7 January 2008

imaginary friends

Recently, I have been rummaging around in old biscuit tins and photo albums, flicking through old polaroids and other old formats which have now got a nice warm yellow cast to them. You know the images that i have been looking at, the ones with the retro charms, the amazing decor, bad taste in clothing and the unintentional compositions taken as more of a snapshot but offers endless possibilities. 

it was with that notion that i decided to draw some of my favorite family photos and illustrate them further. 

here is the first one that i have produced which was an old polaroid of my brother's birthday party, i have kept the drawing simple while also retaining the line in its pure form. the drawing itself is quite small roughly smaller than A4 in size.

it seems a shame that in this day and age of digital cameras the allure of the slightly dodgy photograph has come to an end. though some folk might of discarded the offending photo back at that time, it is still even easier today with just a press of a button. the creative folk of the future might not have the pleasure of marveling at that picture that was once considered awful. much as when i looked back at the images of me and my brother, decked out in home knitted jumpers, you know the ones. the ones with imagery of shaggy dogs with wool made as hair or something with birds (robins were usually the favorite) at the time, some jumpers were considered 'do i have to wear it?' followed by moaning of some sorts, but now i don't think children are even given home made knitted clothing or at least i haven't seen any wearing them. 

anyway, i will be illustrating some photographs which have said jumpers in them in the not too distant future, so stay posted.  

And also have a Happy new year and i hope that all of you have had a good time around this festive season. 

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